3D Intelligent Three-Dimensional With English Edition Remote Control Black Box Blue Light Multi-Function Wall Clock Without Adapter


包装长*宽*高:49.30 * 15.40 * 3.70(CM) 毛重:0.578(KG)


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The wall clock is portable in size and weight. 3D three-dimensional shape. Mute without noise. Luminous, soft light won't hurt eyes. Remote control, convenient to adjust. Black box blue light fully sense of modern technology. 

Portable in size and weight, convenient to install and remove.
Low impetus consumption, energy saving.
Remote control, convenient to adjust mute without noise.
Environment friendly ABS material, resistant to high temperature, deformation and friction.
Acrylic dial, high light transmittance, clear figures and nice stability.
3D three-dimensional shape, simple black box blue light fully sense of modern technology. 
Simple shape suitable for living rooms, offices, public places and many other occasions.
Multi-function such as thermometer, countdown, alarm and so on.
Intelligent photosensitive adjustment, luminous soft won't hurt eyes. 

Model: 6608
Shape: 3D Rectangle
Body Color: 
   1#: White
   2#: Black
   3#: White
   4#: Black (optional)
Light Color:
   1#: White
   2#: White
   3#: Blue
   4#: Blue (optional)
Body Material: ABS
Single Side: Yes
Function: Night light, Alarm, Calendar, Decoration, Countdown, Thermometer
Movement Type: Electron
Cell: 1 * CR2025, 3V 150mAh (included) 
Wall Clock Size: 12in
Mirror Material: Acrylic
Style: Leisure
Appearance Style: Figure
Waterproof: No
Working Model: Automatic Light Sensor
Item Weight: 310g / 10.93ounces
Package Weight: 552g / 19.47ounces
Item Size: 360 * 130 * 24mm / 14.17 * 5.12 * 0.94in
Package Size: 493 * 154 * 37mm / 19.41 * 6.06 * 1.46in

Package List:
1 * Wall Clock
1 * Data Line
1 * Remote Control
1 * Portable Mounting Paper
2 * Pothook

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