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包装长*宽*高:19.00 * 14.00 * 3.50(CM) 毛重:0.142(KG)


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This product can help you remove teeth stain caused by drinking coffee, tea, red wine, juice and so on easily. With this teeth whitening kit, you can have white and healthy teeth. Why not have a try?

Comes with 3 pieces of whitening gel and a teeth whitening accelerator, which has bright LED light, fast and effective.
Suitable for most people, especially for whose teeth have become stained due to drinking coffee, soda, smoking, etc.
Safe and cost-effective, compared with professional whitening, it will save a lot and give you the same result.
Easy to use and clean, you will see a difference within a few days after using this teeth whitening kit.
A complete teeth whitening kit comes with everything you need for a brighter smile.

Type: Teeth Whitening Products
Material: ABS, Gel, Silicone
Net Weight: 3ml
Color of Gel: Blue, Transparent
Battery: 2 * CR2025 Button Batteries (Included)
Package Size: Approx. 19 * 14 * 3.5cm / 7.48 * 5.51 * 1.38in
Package Weight: Approx. 136g / 4.8oz

Package List:
1 * Teeth Shade Guide
2 * Mouth Trays
3 * Teeth Whitening Gel
1 * Desensitizing Gel
1 * Mouth Tray Storage Case
2 * VE Cotton Swabs
1 * Teeth Whitening Accelerator
2 * Deep Cleaning Teeth Wipes
1 * English User Instruction
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