LX-128 E-Bird Self-fly Bird Hand Throw Flying Toy Christmas Gift for Kids Children


包装长*宽*高:30.00 * 24.50 * 7.00(CM) 毛重:0.124(KG)


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Maybe it is difficult for you to have a real bird, but now, there is a opportunity for you to get a self-fly bird toy. The E-bird flys with flapping wings like authentic bird. Do you want to get one?

No need controller, just throw it out from your hand.
3.7V 70mAh rechargeable Li-po battery can directly charged through USB cable to computer.
E-bird flys in 3 different modes of term with flapping wings like authentic bird.
Exquisite appearance, easy and safe to operate.
Lightweight and durable materials.
Bright LED light increases fun of flying at night.

Item name: Self-fly Bird
Model: LX-128
Main material: Plastic and Foam
Color: Blue
Battery: 3.7V 70mAh Li-po battery (built-in)
Charging time: about 15-20mins
Working time: about 15-20mins
Item size: 270 * 210 * 70mm
Item weight: 17g

Package information:
Package size: 30 * 24.5 * 7cm
Package weight: 100g

Package list:
1 * Self-fly E-Bird
1 * USB Charging Cable
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