WAFU Wireless Remote Control Key 433MHz Remote Controller for Door Lock WF-010 or WF-010U Invisible Door Lock Smart Key


包装长*宽*高:6.00 * 3.00 * 1.00(CM) 毛重:0.030(KG)


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Compact size.
Easy to operate.
Smart and convenient.
Battery-powered and cordless.
Suitable for WAFU wf-010 or wf-010u door lock.

How to Use
1. Open the battery cover & you will find there is a “Setting key” in the middle of the left battery jar.
2. Press the “Setting key” for about 2 seconds.
3. The LED lamp will be on and you will hear “bee, bee”.
4. Press every remote controller for a second until you hear a “bee”. The methods of setting telephone controller and code board are the same as its.
5. Press the “Setting key” for a second until you hear a “bee, bee”.
6. Test whether each remote controller can work normally after setting.
7. If one of the remote controllers doesn’t work, please follow the above steps to reset it.

How to Reset
1. If you lose a remote controller carelessly, please reset other remote controllers.
2. Resetting them by following the above steps.
3. The lost controller will be invalid after resetting them. You can use the new controller at ease.

Brand: WAFU
Model: Suitable for WF-011 Remote Controller
Power Supply: Built-in CR2016(3V) Button Batteries
Range of application: WF-010 or WF-010U
Function: Lock & Unlock
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Package Size: Approx. 6 * 3 * 1cm / 2.36 * 1.18 * 0.39in
Package Weight: Approx. 25g / 0.88oz

Package List:
1 * Remote Controller

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