Electric Power Screwdriver Portable Cordless Magnetic Screw Driver Precision Hand Screwdriver Bit Set For Laptop PC Cellphone Small Devices Repair Tools Set


包装长*宽*高:17.00 * 3.70 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:0.143(KG)


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Design a portable compact and precision electric screwdriver,which can disassemble small and medium-sized equipment screws such as ordinary mobile phone digital electronic products.
Driven by two built-in AAA replaceable batteries(the package without battery),with high speed rotation for easy install and detach the screw without damage.
Hand-in-one design,not only electric operation,but also manual operation,electric and manual can be operated independently or at the same time.
Electric screwdriver with self-locking design,as long as manual operation,internal self The lock will automatically open to avoid damage to the motor,you can safely operate it manually.
Widely use to the current market mobile phone digital toy flat-panel camera game console laptop computer desktop computer computer peripherals and computer consumable products and small appliances and some precision equipment,etc.

Color: White
Material: Aluminum
Mode Of Operation: Electric or Manual  (Free Switch)
Speed: 1 minute / 160 rpm (full power)
Electric torque peak: 0.2NM
Manual torque peak: 3NM
Power Supply: Two built-in AAA battery (not include))
Product weight: 55g
Package weight: 137g
Product Size: 16.6*1.6*1.6 cm / 6.5 * 0.6 * 0.6"
Package Size: 17*3.7*2.0cm / 6.7 *1.5 * 0.8"
Packing: Carton

Package List:
1 * Electric Screwdriver
18 * Bit
1 * Bit Storage Pipe
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