Mini Universal Triangle Chuck Electric Grinder Walnut Crystal Agate Jade Engraving Pen DIY Polishing Carving Tool


包装长*宽*高:18.00 * 5.50 * 4.00(CM) 毛重:0.156(KG)


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  • 颜色: grey blue rose red
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Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to operate and use, wide application range, has a long service life.

Compact and lightweight, easy to use and carry.
No need to be equipped with a flexible shaft.
The body is comfortable and non-slip, and is equipped with a switch.
Can be used in nail beauty, mold grinding, cutting, polishing, arts and crafts, gem jade jewelry processing industry, metal processing and machinery manufacturing industries.

Main material: ABS
Color: grey, blue, rose red (optional)
Chuck range: 0-3mm
Motor speed: 13500rpm
Motor maximum voltage: DC 5V
Total length: 160mm / 6.3in
Item weight: 60g / 2.1ounce
Package size: 180 * 55 * 40mm / 7.1 * 2.2 * 1.6in
Package weight: 150g / 5.3ounce

Package list:
1 * Electric Grinder
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Hex Wrench
1 * User Manual
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