RTU5035 GSM Gate Opener Relay Switch Call Remote Controller Phone Shaking Control Door Opener for Home Secure Systems


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The GSM Gate Opener RTU5035 is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipment, car parking systems. Actually the GSM Gate Opener RTU5035 can be used in places which require turning ON/OFF your system, machines, equipment remotely with a FREE call from your mobile phone and protect your assets. Just dial from Authorized User number then the Barrier and doors are opened, or the machine are turn on or off by the GSM Gate Opener. There are no call costs, the GSM Gate Opener rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action. Moreover, the RTU5035 with 2 digital inputs for digital inputs, when any one of the inputs triggered, will start the siren or switch on the light, in the meanwhile, the RTU5035 will send SMS Alert the to owners immediately. This is very useful if you need protect your assets with low cost solution.
No call charges, the GSM Gate Opener rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first 'ring.
It is no longer traditional to open the door, but it is more interesting to open the door by shaking it.
Multiple applications. (gates, bollards, barriers, garage doors, shutters and access doors or machines).
Secure and safety, using caller I-D for identification, unknown callers are ignored.
Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit.
Add or remove users by SMS Text command.
No need to provide a remote control for different users.
Up to 999 authorized phone numbers can be configured.
Two Digital inputs for door sensor, motion sensors or other sensors to protect your door and windows, when any one of them triggered, will send SMS alert message and start the siren immediately.
One output with relay rating 6A/240VAC for connecting the switch of the door or machines.
The relay action will return a SMS confirmation to the owner, this function is editable by user.
Based on GSM Network, applied to many applications.
Adding 2 wired probes to edit alarm information and connect door magnetic smoke alarm.
Applicable countries: Europe, Africa, most Asian countries (Not applicable to Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand). Countries that support the 900/1800Mhz band are applicable.
Name: GSM Gate Opener
Material: ABS
Rated voltage: 12VDC, 1A
Working temperature: -10℃ to +60℃
Storage temperature: -20℃ to +60℃
Relative humidity: 10-90%, No condensation
Work frequency: 900/1800MHz
Communication protocol: GSM PHASE 2/2+ (include data service)
Wired zones: 2
Related voltage of the output relay: AC 240V, 6A
Item size: 82 * 76 * 27mm / 3.23 * 2.99 * 1.06in
Package size: 100 * 90 * 40mm / 3.94 * 3.54 * 1.57in
Package weight: 182g / 6.42ounce
Package list:
1 * RTU5035 GSM Gate Opener
1 * Gain Antenna
1 * Card Pin
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