AT-7031 Home Improvement Power Tools 1/4in Air Angle Die Grinder Pneumatic Grinding Machine Cut Off Polisher


包装长*宽*高:9.00 * 8.00 * 5.00(CM) 毛重:0.469(KG)


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This is a household air corner grinder, strong and practical. With it you can do grinding by yourself, convenient and fast.

Made of fine quality copper movement, practical to use.
Fast and smooth speed can provides enough power.
Light weight and low air consumption, it is easy to operate.
Comfortable handle provides convenience when using.
It can provides high efficiency rotational speed, long service life.
Suitable for grinding, trimming and shaping of metal parts, wood components, rubber tires, casting surfaces

Speed: 22000
Collet Size: 1/4in or 6m/m
Air Inlet: 1/4in
Air Pressure: 90psi or 6.5kg/cm²
Air Consumption: 4cfm
Overall Length: 6-7/8in
Color: Sliver
Package Weight: 464g / 1.0lb
Package Size: 90 * 80 * 50mm / 3.5 * 3.1 * 2.0in

Package list:
1 * Grinder
2 * Spanner
1 * Chuck
1 * Connector
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