10pcs High Bolt Nut Extractor 9-19mm Wheel Lock Nut Remover Extractor Set


包装长*宽*高:17.50 * 8.00 * 4.30(CM) 毛重:0.654(KG)


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10pcs high set --- This is 10 piece high set cased bolt nut screw remover extractor removal set to help remove metric and SAE Socket Tool ,as nuts, bolts, screw heads, studs, etc.
Wide Compatible --- Fits heads size 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm 16mm 17mm 19mm to remove damaged, rusted & stripped bolt, nut, screw heads, etc.
Efficient Work --- This threading kit tools adopt spiral cut teeth which can provide a positive grip to remove rounded or damaged bolts. These tools can be driven with a metric spanner or socket for fast work.
Premium Material --- This screw and nut kit are made of hard alloy for durability, wear resistance and long life. As it is a solid material, it has good equipment properties such as stability, accuracy and reliable.
Easy to store --- Package comes with bolt box, you can store the nut set firmly. Nuts stored in the box are more protected than conventional products. No rust, no pollution and corrosion resistant.

How To Use A Lug Nut & Bolt Extractor Set?
Using a nut and bolt extractor set is as simple as working with a regular socket.
1.First things first, you should always lube up your nuts and bolts before trying to remove them, especially if they are rusty or have been in place for many years.
  At the first hint of a problem, grab some penetrating fluid such as WD40 and soak the nut or bolt.
2.Choose the extractor that matches the size of the nut or bolt head.
3.Place the extractor on the head of the nut or bolt and attach a suitable socket wrench or impact wrench gun.
4.Once fixed the teeth will bite into the metal and undo the fastener.

How To Clean Nuts & Bolts?
Method 1:
Fill a container with undiluted white vinegar.Add the nuts and bolts to the container and soak them for 30 minutes to one hour. This should remove any rust or mineral deposits.
Method 2:
Remove grease from nuts and bolts by placing them in a container and spraying them with a commercial degreaser.Allow them to sit for one hour and then fill the container with water. Let the nuts and bolt sit and rinse in the water for several minutes before removing and drying.

Material: Chrome molybdenum
Color: Balck
Contents: 10pcs
Standard: Metric
Dimensions: Ten sizes ( mm)
Usage: Breakage nut bolt extractor
Packing: Carrying case
Packing Size: 17.5*8*4.3cm /6.9*3.1*1.7in
Packing Weight: 648g / 22.84oz

Package List:
10 * Nut Remover Extractor
1 * Carrying case
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