40pcs Tap Die Set M3-M12 Screw Thread Metric Taps Wrench Dies DIY Kit Wrench Screw Threading Hand Tools Tap Wrench Tools


包装长*宽*高:31.00 * 14.00 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:1.186(KG)


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Full Equiped --- Metric tap and die Set 40 Piece new with case, this 40 piece Metric Tap & die set contains everything you will need to repair and cut internal and external threads.
Efficient Threading --- Use the tap to cut and form the perfect threaded hole, then cut and form a precisely threaded bolt using the included die. Tap is used to cut or form a thread on the inside surface of a hole creating effectively a nut, whilst a Die is used to cut or form matching bolts.
Versatile --- Both tools can also be used, with a cutting oil, to clean up dirty, rusted, or worn threads in old nuts and bolts eg car spark plug threads, which often suffer from corrosion and a buildup of carbon.
Superior Quality --- This set feature high strength, high carbon chrome steel alloy construction (GCr15), and a titanium coating, allowing them to cut through metals including cast iron, aluminum, brass, and carbon steel, while maintaining their durability and rust resistance.
Organized and Convenience for Use --- Tools are neatly stored in a clearly-labelled, organised and accessible case. Each piece is engraved with the proper sizes so you don't confuse yourself with trying to find the right size.

How Do Taps and Dies Cut?
Taps cut internal threads, such as those found in nuts or within pre-drilled holes. This is known as "tapping." Dies, cut external threads on rods, such as those on screws. This is known as "threading." Taps and dies are also used to repair damaged threads, known as "chasing" a thread

Contents: 40pcs
Material: Steel
Standard: Metric
Function: Inside Chip Removal
Packing: Carrying case
Packing Size: 31*14*2cm / 12.2*5.5*0.79in
Packing Weight: 1175g / 41.5oz

Package List:
2 * M3*0.6mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M4*0.75 mm  (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M5*0.9 mm  (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M6*1mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M7*1mm  (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M8*1.25 mm  (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M10*1.5mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M12*1.75mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M3*0.5mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M4*0.7mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M5*0.8mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M6*0.75mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M7*0.75mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M8*1mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M10*1.25mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
2 * M12*1.5mm (1pcs tap+1pcs die)
1 * Die Hinge Hand Frame (M25)
1 * Tap Wrenches & Die Stock (M3-M12)
2 * T Type Tap Wrenches & Die Stock (M3-M6)
1 * Inch Screw Thread Tap (1/8" NPT-27)
1 * Inch Screw Thread Die (1/8" NPT-27)
1 * Tooth Gauges
1 * Screwdrivers
1 * Carrying case
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