Engine Oil Tester for Auto Check Oil Quality Detector with LED Display Gas Analyzer Car Testing Tools


包装长*宽*高:25.00 * 21.00 * 6.00(CM) 毛重:0.415(KG)


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Not timely replacement of oil and deteriorated oil will reduce the lubrication, reduce the sealing effect, reduce the cooling effect, and reduce the cleaning effect. At this time, an oil detection instrument is very important.

Mini portable, no need to take outside the oil, accurate measurement, extend the life of the car.
One-button boot detection, higher accuracy.
LED display screen can accurately display the results, clearer readings.
Use the optical principle to check the oil condition of the engine, and get the latest status of your oil anytime and anywhere.
With optical probe, no need to take the oil outside, just put the probe into the oil dipstick to get the test results.

Material: ABS
Color: yellow
Battery: 4 * AAA battery (not included)
Probe diameter: 5.3mm
Oil hole requirement: diameter>6mm, curvature<30°
Hose length: 800mm / 31.5in
Detection type: turbineoil
Total height: 170mm / 6.7in
Package size: 250 * 210 * 60mm / 9.8 * 8.3 * 2.4in
Package weight: 405g / 0.9lb

1. Please do not test if the engine temperature is above 60℃. Please check the thermometer on the instrument panel. It must be below 60℃ to test.
2. Check that the probe is clean before testing, and ensure that the oil has flooded the probe during the test.
3. The new engine oil shows 100.0%, the normal range is 30%~100%. If the oil test result is less than 30.0%, the detector will sound an alarm, indicating that you should change the oil.

Package list:
1 * Engine Oil Tester
1 * Brush
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