10pcs Nylon Abrasive Polishing Buffing Fiber Flap Wheel Disc Dia. 100mm Nylon Fiber Flap Polishing Wheel


包装长*宽*高:18.00 * 10.00 * 10.00(CM) 毛重:0.400(KG)


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Fiber Flap Wheel is elastic structure, will not change the thickness and diameter of the grinding, plus uniform friction, not to worry about scratching the surface of the object. This product is designed for the burr treatment on the surface of wood lines, without secondary burr, and can be trimmed into various shapes, suitable for the grinding of deformed workpiece such as bending position.

Elastic grinding can effectively prevent excessive cutting and scratch the artifacts table.
Effective heat dissipation to avoid the artifacts processing due to overheating caused by discoloration and deformation.
Uniform grinding force, uniform processing results.
Dirt will not block the fine seam of abrasive suede, resistant to water, oil.
Increase the surface adhesion of the abrasive, high wear resistance.
Can be used for metal and non-metal material surface derusting, paint, burr, welding, corner, included angle and stamping parts flash polishing.
Suitable for polishing stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ordinary steel plate, alloy steel, nonferrous metal, metallurgy, automobile, furniture, wood, plastic, marble, etc.

Color: Medium, Red / Coarse, Green (Optional)
Material: Nylon fiber & abrasive paper
Quantity: 10pcs
Inner Diameter: 16mm
Outer Diameter: 100mm
Item Size: 100 * 100 * 17.5mm / 3.94 * 3.94 * 0.69in
Package Weight: 380g / 13.40oz
Package Size: 18 * 10 * 10mm / 7.87 * 3.94 * 3.94in

Package List:
10 * Nylon Fiber Flap Polishing Wheel
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