M6 Portable Intelligent High Definition Inkjet Printer Handheld Code Printer with 4.3 Inch Touchscreen for Text Number Code Label Symbol Pattern


包装长*宽*高:31.80 * 22.20 * 14.00(CM) 毛重:1.638(KG)


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Intelligent Touchscreen: The inkjet printer has a 4.3 inch touchscreen, made of wear-resistant material, simple panel, easy to use, smooth operation.
Ergonomic Design: The handle of the code printer combines ergonomic design for comfortable grip and convenient use.
Original Imported Ink Cartridge: It comes with an original ink cartridge, which can print 300,000 characters, one character 2mm. Strong adhesion, waterproof and no fading.
Removable Battery: 2600mAh detachable and rechargeable battery with a charger, fully charged for 10 hours, long battery life, environmental protection and energy saving.
Handheld and Pipelined: It can be handheld and pipelined equipped with a photoelectric interface, faster and more efficient.
Mute Design: The machine is muted while working, it will not affect the rest of the people around, protect the ears.
Wide Application: It can printer digital, code, barcode, trade mark, words, date, pattern to board, carton, stone, pipe, cable, plastic, etc.

Model: M6
Operating System: Linux
Nozzle: Thermal Injet 2.5
CPU: Quad Core 1.4GHZ
Language: English, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Spanish
Material: ABS + PC
Printing Height: 2-12.7mm
Printing Distance: 2-5mm
Print Content: Text, time, batch number, serial number, logo, QR code, barcode
Print Resolution: 300 dpi
Storage: >1000
Printing Length: 2000 Characters for each message, no limitation no length
Printing Speed: 70m/min
Cartridge Capacity: 42ml
Ink Color: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
External Interface: USB, Photoelectric Interface
Input Power: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Voltage: DC 16.8V Lithium Battery
Power Consumption: AVG. <5W
Working Temperature: 10-38℃
Working Humidity: 10-60%
Ink Cartridge Size: 9 * 6.8 * 2cm/ 3.5 * 2.7 * 0.8in
Printer Size: 23 * 13.5 * 13cm/ 9.1 * 5.3 * 5.1in
Printer Weight: 787g/ 27.8oz
Package Size: 31.8 * 22.2 * 14cm/ 12.5 * 8.7 * 5.5in
Package Weight: 1628g/ 57.4oz

1. Don't plug/take out ink cartridge or set parameters when machine is in printing. When machine is in printing, any operation will damage core board.
2. If machine finishes working or doesn't work for more than 10 minutes, please take out ink cartridges at once and cap it to prevent the nozzle from being air-dried.
3. If the inkjet is unclear and cannot be ejected, may be that the ink cartridge is exposed to the air for a long time and the nozzle is blocked. It's normal. Use a soft paper towel to block the nozzle and shake it vigorously, and wipe it in the direction of the nozzle.

Package List:
1 * Inkjet Printer
1 * Ink Cartridge
1 * Charger
1 * Cable
1 * Touchpen
1 * Switch
1 * USB
2 * Rubber Band
1 * User's Manual
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