Smart Fingerprint Lock Quick Unlock USB Rechargeable Theft Prevention Intelligent Automatic Security Fingerprint Lock Flower-shaped Black


包装长*宽*高:15.00 * 10.20 * 4.00(CM) 毛重:0.168(KG)


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With the characteristics of small size, easy installation and safety assurance, there is a second-generation chip and a rechargeable battery inside this product, which makes unlocking safely over 1 million times a reality and is able to a security guard of your home and office.

- Attractive Characteristic: Small Size & Easy Installation & Safety Assurance & Second-generation Chip & Rechargeable Battery & Safe Unlocking.
- Professional Biometric Technology: Fast identification, semiconductor biometric identification at any angle, 0.5 seconds quick unlocking.
- Self-learning Algorithm: This product is a self designed patented product and it can record 20 fingerprints. Each fingerprint identification is compared, spliced and recorded every time, which improves the recognition rate effectively and makes the product more sensitive.
- Electricity Saving: Low power consumption. with the external USB emergency jack, you will never worry that the lock cannot be opened without power.
- Wide Application: Suitable for all kinds of door cabinets, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, drawer cabinets, desk drawers, letter boxes, fitness cabinets, etc.

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Identification: 360 Degree Semiconductor Fingerprint Identification
Number of Fingerprints Saved: 20
Recognition Time: <300MS
Service Life: One Million Times
False Reject Rate: <1%
False Accept Rate: <0.002%
ESD: +/- 12kV Air, +/- 8KV Contact
Working Environment: 
Temperature: 20℃-70℃ / 68℉-158℉
Humidity: 40%RH-85%RH (NO Frost)
Storage Environment: 
Temperature: - 40℃-85℃ / 40℉-185℉
Humidity: < 85%RH (NO Frost)
Product Size:
Fingerprint Panel: 30*30*7mm / 1.18*1.18*0.28in
Lock Body: 63*87*22mm / 2.48*3.43*0.87in
Product Weight: 131g / 4.62oz
Package Size: 150*102*40mm / 5.91*4.02*1.57in
Package Weight: 164g / 5.78oz

Package List:
1 * Lock Body
1 * Fingerprint Panel
1 * Lock Catch
1 * Screw Accessories Package
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