Electric Power Screwdriver Dual Dynamic Mode Multi-purpose Screwdriver With 8 High Matching Screw Heads


包装长*宽*高:18.50 * 6.00 * 6.00(CM) 毛重:0.521(KG)


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Electric power, say goodbye to manual screw tedious work, save time and effort, will not cause any harm.

Electric power, easy to finish the family disassembly.
When the screw is tightened until the torque exceeds the rated value, the self-locking electric mode is changed to manual precise tightening to effectively protect the screw and utensils.
In electric mode, two torques are available: 0.4nm /1Nm. 0.4nm matches the batch h-ead with green r-ing and 1Nm matches the batch h-ead with orange r-ing.
Select the corresponding batch h-ead according to the screw size required for installation, and operate with appropriate torque to ensure efficiency and protect screws and utensils.
Large torsion-1Nm, Suitable for large items, such as furniture, mechanical equipment installation and disassembly, etc.
Small torsion-0.4Nm, Suitable for small items, such as computer, mechanical model, game controller, etc.
Screwdriver is equipped with 8 different types of batch h-ead, which can be used in most life situations.
Integrated body, single hand operation, easy and convenient.
Integrated chip is built in the main engine. Through AI calculation, the positive and negative rotation and torque of the motor are scientifically controlled, which saves energy and protects the screw well.
The tiny sensors on the chip also stop batteries from being overcharged, overreleased or overheated, or the current from burning out motors and components.
New powerful motor, high torque output, low noise and high efficiency.
There are two LEDs lights at the front end of the main engine, which can be used in the dark when working.
High hardness batch h-ead, strong and long-lasting to use.
Ergonomic eight-sided handle, comfortable grip, easy operation.
With 105mm detachable extension rod for wider application.

Item type: Screwdriver
Color: Black
Rated voltage: 3.6V
No-load speed: 200/min
Maximum soft torque: 0.4Nm/1Nm
Chuck size: 6.35mm
Charging environment temperature: 0-40℃
B-attery capacity: 1500mAh
Package weight: 250g/8.81ounces
Package size: 185*60*60mm/7.28*2.36*2.36inches

Package list:
1 * Screwdriver
8 * High matching screw heads
1 * 105mm detachable extension rod
1 * Type-C cable

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