Motion Sensor LED Lights Under Cabinet Closet Lights Night Light Portable Stick-on Lamp Warm White Light


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With the PIR motion sensor, when people enter the detecting area, the light will automatically turn on; and off within 15 seconds after people left away.
Equipped with 10 LED beads, bright enough, white light and warm white light optional. Aluminum alloy shell, durable to use, working life over 80000 hours.
Detection distance is more than 3 meters, and auto-off after 15 seconds of no motion detected. The detection angle is 140 degrees.
Simple Installation: Mount easily with double-sided adhesive pad and magnet bar, no wiring needed. Powered by 4 AAA batteries (NOT included).
Applicable Area: Ideal nightlights for cabinets, stairs, pantries, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, attics, bedroom, etc.

NOTE: Install 4 AAA batteries before using, and never install the light in the place which is damp or with high temperature. Batteries are not included, please buy in addition.

Induction Mode: human body infrared induction
Detection Distance: >3.0m
Detection Angle: 140 degrees
LED Life: over 80000 hours
Light Color: white light/warm light (optional)
LED Brightness: 45LM
Power: 1W
Working Current: 150mA
Power Supply: 1.5V 4 * AAA batteries (NOT included)
Delay Time: 15 seconds
Lamp Bead Model: 2835
Number of Beads: 10
Lamp Operating Temperature: -10~38℃
Product Size: 190*30*16mm
Weight: 100g
Package Size: 200*34*28mm
Package Weight:118g

Package List:
1 * Motion Sensor Light
1 * Magnet Bar
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