Din-rail Energy Meter LCD Backlight Digital Display Single Phase Electronic Energy KWh Meter


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DDM36SD single phase electronic DIN rail active energy meter is a kind of new style single phase two wire active energy meter, it adopt micro-electronics technique, and imported large scale integrate circuit, use advanced technique of digital and SMT techniques, etc. It has its completely independent intellectual property rights and minimum size. The meter completely accord with relevant technical requirements of class 1 single phase active energy meter stipulated in international standard IEC 62053-21. It can accurate and directly measure 50Hz or 60Hz active energy consumption from single phase AC electricity net. It has following features: fine reliability, small volume, light weight, specious nice appearance, convenient installation, etc.

35mm standard DIN- rail installation, complying with standard DIN EN50022.
6 types monitoring data, electricity quantity, voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency carousel display, 6 seconds long press to reset.
Two line display: temporary power consumption and total power consumption (The temporary power consumption can be Reset,  the total power consumption can not be Reset.)
Bipolar width (Modulus 17.5mm), complying with standard DIN43880.
Standard configuration 5+1 backlight LCD display (99999.1kWh).
Function: display electricity/voltage/current/frequency/power factor.       
Data display: the meter have two rows of display, the first row shows electricity is can be cleared, press the “RESET” button on the front panel 3-5 seconds is can to zero, second row shows total electricity is do not reset.
The LED is supplysignal of energy impulse (red).
Single direction measurement single phase two wire active energy consumption.
It is nothing with direction of the flow of load current.
Complying with standard GB/T17245.321-2008.
Directly connect operation, there are two types wiring you may select. Standard configuration type S wiring, may select type U wiring.
DDM36SD Series: Direct connection, up-entering and down-out, up-out and down-in, you can install, the standard configuration S-type wiring.
DDM36SD Series: Embedded terminal cover, nice, safe to protect electricity.

Name: Energy Meter
Model: DDM36SD
Accuracy: Class 1.0
Rated voltage: 220/230V
Rated current: 5(20)A, 10(40)A, 15(60)A, 5(80)A (optional)
Starting current: 0.04%
Insulating performance: Frequency AC voltage 2kv lasted 1 minute, the impact voltage 6kv
Item size: 100 * 65 * 36mm / 3.94 * 2.56 * 1.42in
Package size: 120 * 60 * 23mm / 4.72 * 2.36 * 0.91in
Package weight: 157g / 5.54ounce

Package list:
1 * Energy Meter

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