DF DIFITALFOTO THANOS Gimbal Stabilizer Supporting System with Dual-Spring Arm + Load Vest Compatible with DJI Ronin-S/ Zhiyun Crane Series/ Feiyu AK Series/ Moza Series Single Handle Gimbal


包装长*宽*高:68.00 * 36.00 * 24.00(CM) 毛重:4.538(KG)


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Single handle gimbal with monitor and microphone setup is absolutely very heavy, which will make videographers impossible to shoot video for hours. DIFITALFOTO THANOS gimbal supporting system including support vest and dual-spring arm can solve above problem. With this gimbal supporting system, you can better focus on the framing and movement of your shooting without disturbance from the weight of the gimbal setup.

Gimbal supporting system designed for professional photographers, is compatible with DJI Ronin S/ Zhiyun Crane sereis/ Feiyu AK series/ Moza series single handle gimbal, etc. If use round baseplate, it will be universal.
Supporting vest is adjustable which make it is compatible with different size users, and can perfectly distributes gimbal setup weight to your body, waist, back and shoulder, which can liberate your arm 100%.
Dual-spring arm will effectively reduce up and down bounch by 10-20%; 2kg-5kg weight bear which can perfectly supporting any single handle gimbal setup.
With 40-46mm spring arm insterting hole and one round baseplate, makes THANOS compatible with almost all single handle gimbal.
Net weight 2.5kg which will not add too much weight on your body; moving rail design make dual arm can be fixed on the best position you want.

Arm Capacity: 2kg-5kg/ 4.4-11lbs
Arm + Vest Weight: 2.5kg/ 4.4lbs
Package Size: 68 * 36 * 24cm/ 26.8 * 14.2 * 9.4in
Package Weight:4.5kg/ 9.9lbs

The camera and stabilizer showed in the picture are not included.

Package List:
1 * Supporting Vest
1 * Spring Arm
1 * Round Baseplate
1 * Adapter
1 * Carry Case
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