Convenient Home DIY Facial Brush Crystal Beauty Facial Eye Mask Brush Skin Care Makeup Tool Soft Mask Brush Treatment Tool

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100% brand new and high quality 

Made of soft hair and plastic handle, comfortable for your facial skin. 

Smooth, soft and full, give extraordinary coverage for the face with this Orange Facial Mask Brush. 

Easier to use around those hard to reach and smaller sections of your face, 

such as your eyes and nose area. 

Won't hurt your skin, good item for make-up and useful 

Note: keep clean and dry before next time you want to use 


product properties:

Handle Material:Plastic

Brush Material:Nylon

Quantity:1 pc

Length: 158mm 

Size:full size


Length: 158mm 

Hair length: 22mm 

Brush width: 17mm 

Original box: NO

Color: As the picture show

Net weight: 10g

Package weight: 19g


Packing content:

1 x Crystal Beauty Facial Mask Brush Skin Care Makeup Tool




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