Power Feed Milling Machine X-Axis Torque Power Feed 160PRM Power Table Feed Mill Fits Bridgeport Acer


包装长*宽*高:34.00 * 28.00 * 17.80(CM) 毛重:5.324(KG)


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"Power feeder" is a compact high-tech product, mainly used in milling machines and special machine tools. Milling machines power feeder adopt independent power supply provide table feed power for milling machines and other equipment to replace the traditional milling machine feed gearbox system. The product is mainly used for the X-Axis of milling machine's working movement, Realizes positive and negative reversing and stepless speed regulation, which can completely replace the traditional gearbox shifting mechanism.

1. Noiseless direction changes, saving effort and easy operation.
2. When speed feeding if the cutter collide components or the left/right moments is  reversed, safety feature can protect transmission gear and electronic components.
3. Speed adjust knob designed in the direction control handle, the ergonomic design make operation more quick and easy, and it has an inching function at any feed speed, which makes it easy to reach the machining position.
4. Direction limit switch features dustproof cover which is waterproof, oil resist and durable.
5. Adopts spiral bevel gear, which has high efficiency and low noise.
6. High efficient speed adjustment, when blades doing slice, feeding speed will turn down to achive smooth and precise slicing surface. Power table feed won't vibrate or strain in low speed
7. The two gears of this power table feed will not mesh and wear at the same spot, this not only increases durability and longevity but even reduces noise over time.

Material: Metal
Power Spply: AC110V 50/60HZ
Adjustable Speed Range: 0-140rpm
Max. Speed 160rpm
Output Torque: 15.5N.M
Installation Size: Ф15.9mm
Item Size: 29*10*27cm/11.4*3.9*10.6in
Item Weight: 5000g/176.4oz
Package Weight: 5300g/187oz
Package Size: 34*17.8*28cm/13.4*7.0*11.0in

Package List:
1 * Milling Aachine Power Feeder
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