WANPTEK DPS305U 0-30V 0-5A 150W Switching DC Power Supply 4 Digits Display LED High Precision Adjustable Mini Power Supply AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz


包装长*宽*高:30.00 * 20.00 * 14.00(CM) 毛重:1.786(KG)


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The DPS series products are a three-window four-bit high-precision DC regulated power supply, which can display voltage, current and power at the same time. Power supply stability and ripple coefficient are very good, has two upgraded functions of USB fast charging and perfect short circuit protection. Can be widely used in mobile phone/computer maintenance, school and production line use, etc.

USB Quick Charging: the machine has built-in fast charging protocol identification chip that supports USB fast charging function.
Safety Operation: it has over voltage protection(OVP), over current protection(OCP), over temperature protection and the upgraded short circuit alarm function.
Adjustable Output Voltage & Current: output voltage and output current can be continuously adjusted between 0 and nominal value with fine regulating and coarse regulating.
Clearly Display & Functional: LED 4 digits display of voltage, current and power, high precision and features of voltage stabilization, current limiting, and simple operation.
Wide Application: can be used in mobile phone maintenance, computer maintenance, electrical maintenance, school laboratories scientific research and production line use and all other need DC regulated power supply.
Supporting Fast Charging Protocols Include: compatible with qualcomm QC2.0, QC3.0, Apple, Huawei FCP, SCP Samsung AFC and other fast charging protocols

Plug Type: UK
Material: Aluminium alloy
Model: DPS305U
Output Voltage: 0~30V
Output Current: 0~5A
Output Power: 150W
Auxiliary Output: USB quick charging 18W, supports multiple quick charging protocols
Input Voltage: AC230V ± 10%, 50Hz; AC115V ± 10%, 60Hz
Working Temperature: 0~40℃; Humidity: <80%RH
Storage Temperature: -10~70℃; Humidity: <70%RH

Voltage Stability: ≤0.1% ± 3mV
Load Stability: ≤0.1% ± 3mV
Ripple Noise: ≤20mVrms (effective value)

Current Stability: ≤0.1% ± 3mA
Load Stability: ≤0.2% ± 3mA
Ripple Noise: ≤5mArms (effective value)

Protection Mode: Current limiting protection/short circuit alarm stop output and self-recovery
Display: Four-digit digital tube, three-window display: voltage, current, power
Display Accuracy: 0.5% ± 3 digits
Display Resolution: voltage 00.01V; current 0.001A
Fuse: 2A
Item Size: 246 * 90 * 152mm / 9.68 * 3.54 * 5.98in
Item Weight: 1571g / 55.42oz
Package Weight: 1737g / 61.29oz
Package Size: 30 * 20 * 14cm / 11.81 * 7.87 * 5.51in

Package List:
1 * DC Power Supply
1 * Power Cord
1 * Alligator Clip Line
1 * User Manual (English)
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