Digital Indoor Thermometer Accurate Temperature Humidity Monitor with Touch LCD Display Numbers Backlight Humidity Gauge Meter for Home Office Greenhouse


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Digital indoor thermometer will be your best choice of temperature and humidity monitoring for home, office, greenhouse, etc.

Display: Displays the current humidity, temperature, trend and comfort level, and record maximum and minimum humidity/ temperature.
℃/ ℉ Button: Press once to change the temperature display to either ℃/ ℉.
Backlight: Press once to turn on the light and it will be auto off within 15 seconds without any operation. (When the backlight on, press once to turn off the light)
All Time/ 24 HRs: Press once to check the temperature/ humidity in the past of last 24 hours. Press and hold for 3 seconds to clear the record maximum and minimum humidity/ temperature readings.
Battery Operated: Need 2 * AAA battery to power the unit. (Batteries not included)
Comfort Levels: DRY- Humidity below 34%-40%; COMFORT- Humidity between 41%-64%; WET- Humidity above 65%
Totally wireless and tabletop and magnet-mountable design.

1. Do not immerse product in water.
2. Do not leave exposed to extreme high of low temperatures since this may cause damage to electronic parts and plastics.

Color: White + Grey
Screen: LCD
Material: ABS
Application: for Indoor Use
Temperature Range: -4℉~158℉ (-20℃~70℃)
Humidity Range: 20%-95%
Comfort Levels: DRY, COMFORT, WET
Temperature Display Unit: ℃/ ℉ Selectable
Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃/ 0.1℉
Humidity Resolution: 1%
Refresh Rate: 10 Seconds
Power Supply: 2 * AAA Battery 1.5V (Not included)
Item Size: 112 * 95 * 24mm / 4.4 * 3.7 * 0.9in
Item Weight: 162g / 5.7oz
Package Size: 13 * 10.5 * 3cm / 5.1 * 4.1 * 1.2in
Package Weight: 195g / 6.9oz

Package List:
1 * Digital Indoor Thermometer
1 * User Manual (English)
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