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Nice assistant to increase blood flow, oxygenate the surrounding muscles, decrease pain and soreness of your neck and shoulder by gently pulling your head away from the neck to stretch and decompress the spinal cord.

EFFECTIVE: Stretch and decompress the spinal cord, which increases blood flow, oxygenates the surrounding muscles, decreases pain and increases mobility of the neck and shoulders.
WIDELY APPLICABLE: One size fit most athletes, long flights, business trips, long sitting working days and those with back and neck troubles.
EASY OPERATION: Simple wrap around the door handle, railing, pole and post which provide flexibility to use it whenever you want.
ERGONOMIC: Skin-friendly cheek pad with velvet prevent chafing, and come with two straps for customized comfort and durability for maximum relaxation. 

Material: Velvet 
Size: 53 * 19cm / 20.8 * 7.4in
Weight: 217g / 7.6oz 
Package Weight: 233g / 8.2oz  

Package List:
1 * Neck Sling 
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