Razer Viper Wired Gaming Mouse 16000DPI RGB Computer Mice PAW3390 Optical Sensor 60g Lightweight SpeedFlex Cable DPI On-board Storage Chroma Lights System Black


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The Razer Viper is designed with reliable performance and high responsiveness and weighs in at just 69g without any compromise on its build strength, which is a gaming mouse that combines high precision, a cutting-edge lightweight body to allow to control the outcome of any battle.


Razer Optical Mouse Switch.
Every click you make actuates at the speed of light. Via continuous optimization and adjustment, the Razer Optical Mouse Switch utilizes an infrared light beam to register a click, resulting in an industry-leading response time of 0.2 milliseconds. Its instant actuation eliminates debounce and unintended clicks, giving you complete control in execution, reaching about 70 million clicks life.
PAW3390 Optical Sensor.
Engineered with 99.4% tracking accuracy and up to 16,000 DPI, the Razer 5G Optical Sensor offers deadly precision and greatly optimizes power control. When combined with your physical dexterity and skill, the Razer Viper represents a mouse that achieves a true extension of yourself in the game.
Accurate Restore The Movement.
The PAW3390 optical sensor accurately synchronizes the movement of your hands, for superior performance. 
Lightweight & Ergonomic Design.
During competition, even the tiniest advantage can make a difference. The Razer Viper weighs in at just 69g without any compromise on its build strength. A lighter mouse allows swifter, more controlled swipes, augmenting the speed of your reaction in battle. And the rubber antislip design at the side ensures better operation and control.
Designed with a cable that enables smoother swipes. The Razer Viper features the highly flexible cable, bringing you unhindered control with minimal drag.
Underside DPI Button Design.
The mouse is designed with the DPI button on its underside to prevent accidental DPI shifts when gaming.
8 Programmable Buttons.
Equips with 8 programmable and highly responsive buttons, which are fully configurable via Razer Synapse 3, and let you access macros and secondary functions so you can execute extended moves with ease.
Onboard DPI Storage.
Pre-set up to 5 custom DPI stages via Razer Synapse 3 and bring your settings anywhere so you’re always ready to compete at your best.
Chroma Light System.
The mouse Logo can be customized via Razer Synapse 3, to create personalized color and effect mode, or with other Razer Chroma devices to create an all-in-one immersive gaming experience.


Brand: Razer
Item: Mouse
Model: Razer Viper
Sensor: PAW3390 Optical Sensor, 16000DPI
Ultrapolling: 1000Hz
Cable: 2.1m / 6.89 ft
Item Weight: 69g/ 2.4oz
Item Size: Approx. 127 * 66 * 38mm / 5 * 2.6 * 1.5inches

Package Include:

1 * Mouse
1 * Manual
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