Huion USB Graphics Drawing Tablet Upgraded H610 PRO V2 Pad Art Digital Handwriting Drawing Board with Battery-free Pen


包装长*宽*高:40.00 * 32.00 * 4.30(CM) 毛重:1.180(KG)


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H610 PRO V2 graphic tablet gives you unlimited potential, inspire your imagination and creativity. You can draw and paint on the tablet based on your any idea and image editing tasks. It is the professional pen tablet and will bring you to a magic world.

Support OS Android 6.0

You can easily connect your phone to H610 PRO V2 with the OTG connector; only mobile phone and tablet powered by Android 6.0 or above are supported.
Tilt Function
Equipped with the tilt function, the pen supports ±60 levels tilt recognition, performing like traditional brushes. You can enjoy a real feeling of writing and painting.
Battery-free Pen
The PW100 pen is a stylish battery-free pen,you no longer need to worry about the battery went out or dead via EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology.
Smooth Materials
The new pen itself has a silicone grip, which makes it sit comfortably in your hand, and its nib is very durable. The cover on the tablet used a top-graded material, which provides a smooth paper-like texture while stays anti-scratching.
Precision at Ease
8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, 10mm reading heights, 5080LPI in resolution, plus 233PPS in reading rates, these features allowing you to experience both precision and control.
Everything at Your Fingertips
8 express keys on the left side of the tablet, and 16 soft keys on the top of the active area, plus two pen buttons, all customizable and easy to set up. You can tailor the setting to your preference.
Wide Compatibility
H610PRO V2 is compatible with both Windows(Windows 7 or later) and MacOS(MacOS 10.11 or later), also compatible with mainstream software like Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio, Krita and many more. This tablet is good for drawing, photo/video editing, design and many other digital art usages.

Color: Black
Technology: Battery-free electromagnetic resonance
Active area: 10x 6.25"(254×158.8mm)
Pen Resolution: 5080 LPI(Line Per Inch)
Report rate: 233RPS
Pressure level: 8192 Levels
Express keys: 8 customized press keys
Function keys: 16 customized soft keys
Sensing Height: 10mm
Accuracy: ±0.3mm
Tilt: 60°
Supply voltage: DC5V
Interface support: Mini USB
USB Cable Length: 1.5m 
OS Support: Windows 7 or later,MacOS 10.12 or later
Compliance: CE/FCC/CCC
Item Size: 35.3 * 24.5 * 1cm /13.9 * 9.65 * 0.39in  
Item Weight: 635g/22,.4oz
Package Size: 40 * 32 * 4.3cm /15.75 * 12.6 * 1.69in
Package Weight: 1150g/40.57oz

Package list:
1 * H610 PRO V2 Graphics Tablet
1 * Battery-free Pen PW100
1 * Mini USB Cable
1 * Pen Holder PH03
8 * Pen Nibs
1 * User Manual                                                                                                     
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