Car Defogger 12V Portable Vehicle Fogbroom Warming Heatig Air Fast Defrosting with Fuse Double-sided Tape Installation 1.55 Meters Wire


包装长*宽*高:15.50 * 12.30 * 8.20(CM) 毛重:0.415(KG)


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360° rotation sphere,can set the angle you want.
1.55 meter wire with fuse harness,reach the place where you want to remove the fog.
Defrost and fog removal,quickly heat the air in the car without waiting for the engine to heat up,quickly remove frost and fog.
In winter,it can be used as heating air to remove fog,in summer,it can be used as an electric fan to achieve the effect of quickly reducing the temperature inside the car.
Grid outlet concentrated air flow, long transmission distance, wide area, durable, no rust, not easy to dust.

Product Color: Black
Product Power: 150W
Product material: ABS
Wire Length:1.55 meters
Product Input:12V,12.5A
Power Cord Gauge:1.2 square
Package size:15.5*12.3*8.2*cm/6.1*4.8*3.2in
Package weight: 413g/14.6oz
Fixing method: Put it on the non-slip mat or fix it on the double-sided tape

Package List:
1*Car Defogger 
1*Double-sided Tape
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