South African Switch Plug Converter Type M Plug Adapter Safe Grounded Small Travel Adapter Plug for South African/Indian Travel Power Plug Adapter Converter 0-10A 250V


包装长*宽*高:4.60 * 3.60 * 3.60(CM) 毛重:0.036(KG)


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Converts most plug of different countries to South African/Indian Type M plug.
Africa/India type three round prong plug, can be used in the South Africa/India type socket to connect power.
Ultra compact and light weight design plug converter is easy to use, just plug and play.
Suitable for using in South African/Indian, for students studying abroad or to use in traveling.

Color: Black / White (Optional)
Material: ABS
Rated Power: 0-10A, 250V
Pin: South African/Indian three round prong (2P+E grounded type)
Jack: universal socket hole, accept most plug type of different countries in the world
Item Size: 36 * 36 * 46mm / 1.41 * 1.41 * 1.81in
Item Weight: 32g / 1.13oz
Package Weight: 32g / 1.13oz
Package Size: 4.6 * 3.6 * 3.6cm / 1.81 * 1.41 * 1.41in

Package List:
1 * Switch Plug
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