4.5V 0.9W 1.5Meters 15 LED Copper Wire Fairy String Light 10 Pack Multi-color Twistable Bendable Foldable Bottle Stopper Atmosphere Lamp IP65 Water Resistance for Christmas Xmas Holiday Festival DIY Home Party Decoration Present Gift


包装长*宽*高:17.50 * 8.00 * 5.50(CM) 毛重:0.206(KG)


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These original lamps with high bright LEDs and DIY-formed wire provide impressive starry effect. Just put the string wire into bottle, stopper by the cap and your empty bottle will become a gorgeous lamp instantly without being thrown away. They are perfect to create romantic atmosphere in bar, home or party.
DESK DECORATION: This lamp is made with a bendable wire that can be formed to any shape you want. With DIY-formed wire, it is a unique decoration.  
BOTTLE STOPPER: Drop the wire into an empty bottle, stop it by the lamp base and you will have the bottle become a unique lamp.
WINDING DECORATION: Can wind around plant or ornament, flexible to create romantic atmosphere, practical for holiday use or bar decor.
HIGH BRIGHT: High bright LED beads bring impressive starry effect.
PORTABLE: No power adapter, no heavy try battery, perfect to decorate where power source is not available with its mini size and light weight.
IDEAL GIFT: The most ideal gift for birthday, different festivals, surprise for your friends and families. Impressing them with this sweet and ingenious present.
Wattage: 0.9w
Rated power: 4.5v
Light source: LED
Light color: Warm white/ White/ Multi-color (optional)
Cable length: 1.5M
LED quantity: 15 pcs
Lumen flux: 3-4lm/pcs
Distance between LEDs: 100mm / 3.9in
Battery: 3 * 1.5v 200mAh AG13 battery
Water resistance of string light: IP65
Material: ABS
Item quantity: 6 pack/ 10 pack/ 12 pack (optional)
Item size: 20 * 47mm / 0.8 * 1.9in (D * H)
Item weight: 9g /0.3 ounces
Package size: 95 * 65 * 60mm(6 pack)/ 175 * 80 * 55mm (10 pack)/ 175 * 80 * 55mm (12 pack)
Total weight: 110g(6 pack)/ 200g (10 pack)/ 230g (12 pack)
1. Please choose bottle whose mouth is narrow enough to get the lamp stuck.
2. The battery case is non-waterproof, please use it carefully.

Package list:
6 pack/ 10 pack/ 12 pack * Copper wire light (optional)
1 * Screw driver
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