3D Hologram Projector Advertising Display Fan Photo Video Air Holographic Machine Player with 224pcs LED Light Beads Remote Control Bracket 16GB TF Card for Shop Store Bars Airport Exhibition Entertainment, 42cm/16.5in


包装长*宽*高:47.00 * 14.80 * 13.50(CM) 毛重:1.486(KG)


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3D Hologram Advertising Display: 224pcs bright led lights, 512*224 pixel resolution, 42cm/16.5in display diameter, 176°view angle, the advertising machine can show vivid 3D image, makes you feel like it is completely floating in the air, it can attract people's attention and achieve good promotional effect.
Easy to use: Comes with 16GB TF Card. Import the pictures or videos into the software installed on the computer, convert and download them to the TF card, insert the TF card into the advertising machine, then connect the power supply, and the machine will work normally.(The software is already in the TF Card.)
Support Content Formats: Support normal video, animation, image display. Support Formats: mp4, avi, rmvb, mkv, gif, jpg, png. Software compatible with Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows8/Windows 10.(Black Background Better).
Remote Control & Bracket: Comes with a remote control to control the display, also with a wall mounting bracket and screws for machine installing. (Note:The battery of remote control is not included.)
Wide Application: The hologram fan is suitable for indoor use, for outdoor use, please wear a protective cover. The product is recommended to install it on the wall of 3 meters or higher. Do not touch the fan blades while it is running. Widely used in show rooms, exhibition, shopping malls, department store, airport display. Capture people's vision, quickly spread and share product advertising content.
Model: A3
Color: Black
Material: ABS + PC + Hardware
Plug: EU
Input Voltage: AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Output: 12V 3A
Rated Power: 10W-15W
LED Type: RGB0605LED
LED Quantity: 224pcs
Motor Lifetime: 20000 hours
Led Lifespan: 50000 hours
View Angle: 176°
Display Diameter: About 42cm / 16.5in
Resolution: 512*224pixel
Support System: Support PC
Supporting Formats: mp4, avi, rmvb, mkv, gif, jpg, png
TF Card: Support Max. 32GB
WiFi: No
PC Software: Compatible with Win XP, Win7/8/10
Remote Control: It needs an alkaline battery, 23A 12V (Battery is not included)
Item Size: 43.3 * 11.3 * 13.0cm / 17.0 * 4.4 * 5.1in
Item Weight: 869g / 30.7oz
Package Size: 47.0 * 14.8 * 13.5cm / 18.5 * 5.8 * 5.3in
Package Weight: 1457g / 51.4oz

1.Do not disassemble this product for non professionals to avoid damage or personal injury.
2.Please install the product in a place that can not be contacted by people, or it must be equipped with protective cover.
3.When the product is working, it is forbidden to touch the product by hand.
4.The battery of remote control is not included.

Package List:
1 * Advertising Machine
1 * Card Reader
1 * 16GB TF Card (On Machine)
1 * Remote Control
2 * Metal Wall Mount
6 * Screws
1 * AC Adapter
1 * User Manual(English/Chinese)

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