SBC 350 Spark Plug Wire Separators Dividers Looms CNC Premium Quality Aluminum Alloy Suits 7mm 8mm 9.5mm


包装长*宽*高:13.00 * 8.00 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:0.080(KG)


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The wire separator kit is designed for keeping the ignition wires separated. It is made of heat resistant plastic and will accommodate 7 and 8mm ignition wires. This kit can be used where extreme high temperatures cause normal materials to sag or melt. It includes two each 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire separators and can be easily installed.
Minimizes cross firing by keeping the ignition wires separated.
Accommodates 7mm and 8mm ignition wires.
Includes two each of 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire separators
The kit is made from heat resistant plastic.
Designed for competition and street use.
Color: Silver/ Black/Blue/Red (optional)
Material: Aluminum alloy
Type: 2-wire/3-wire/4-wire
Fits 7mm&8mm wires
Package Size: 13 * 8* 2cm / 5.12* 3.15 * 0.79in
Weight: 76g / 0.17lb
Package list:
2 * 2-wire Separators
2 * 3-wire Separators
2 * 4-wire Separators
1 * Allen Wrench
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