8.5W/12V Solar Car Battery Charger Maintainer With Cigarette Lighter Semi-flexible Portable Solar Power Panel Trickle Charging For RV Motorcycle Boat Marine Trailer Tractor Powersports


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The solar charger converts light energy from sun into 12 volt DC electricity and transported to rechargeable batteries. Perfect for any cars, motorcycle, boat, marine, tractor, RV, Powersports, snowmobile, truck, etc. There is no electricity cost, totally environment friendly

8.5W Solar Car Battery Charger: Keep your 12V batteries topped off with this solar battery charger, designed to compensate for small, steady battery drains from the vehicle's clock or alarm system.
Easy to Install: The solar charger panel with 4 holes in the corners can be mounted to the windshield or just place charger the position where is direct sunlight
Efficiency & Stable: Semi flexible Polycrystalline silicon and durable ABS, ensure high energy conversion and long lasting durability.
Reverse Protection: With built-in blocking diode prevents reverse discharge, make sure no drain of your battery.
Convenient & Multi-purpose: Includes cigarette lighter adapter and alligator battery terminal clamps, charge any car, truck, marine, motorcycles, tractors, ATVs, snowmobiles, boat, personal water crafts or RV 12 volt battery.

Size: 410 * 197MM / 16.1 * 7.8inch
Material: Polycrystalline silicon
Power: 8.5W max
Output Voltage: 18V (Suitable for 12V charger)
Output Current: 470MA max
Main DC wire length: 35CM
Alligator clip wire length: 1.5M
Cigarette lighter adapter wire length: 1.5M
Features: Prevents reverse charging
Package Size: 375 * 220 * 40mm / 14.8 * 8.7 * 1.6inch
Package Weight: 400g / 14.1oz

1. The charger can withstand splashing but is not fully waterproof and should not be submerged or left outside during rainfall.
2. For optimal power, ensure the panel is directly facing the sunlight.

Package List:
1 * Solar car battery charger
1 * Alligator clip
1 * Cigarette lighter adapter
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