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包装长*宽*高:38.00 * 25.00 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:0.229(KG)


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Little pet owners may fears the security and comfort of their pets during travel. This pet carrier handbag will give your pet comfort and security, which also provides a comfortable sleeping space for your pet.  

Made of high quality canvas fabric, with breathable mesh window, soft and durable in use.
PERFECT FOR SMALL PETS: Size suitable for below 1.5 lbs animals like small guinea pig(under 6 months old), sugar glider, hamster, hedgehog, chinchillas, rabbit, etc.
The handle is bar-tacked to the bag, this special procedure makes the handle stronger and more tear-resistant.
BREATHABLE MESH WINDOW: The mesh cloth on the door to perform great air circulation and ventilation inside.
The liner fabric is soft plush, pets will feel very comfortable and calmed staying in the bag.
Any problem, please contact our store without hesitation. Honor to serve you!

Item Name: Pet Carrier Handbag
Color: White with Colorful Hearts
Material: Canvas Cloth
Item Size: 21 * 20 * 20cm

Package Information:
Package size: 38 * 25 * 2cm
Package weight: 200g

Package List:
1 * Pet Carrier Handbag
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