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包装长*宽*高:12.50 * 12.50 * 6.50(CM) 毛重:0.410(KG)


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The trimmer head is made of premium plastic and nylon materials, durable, scratch-resistant and resistant to deformation. In the case of resistance such as stones, the blade can be freely stretched, more evenly cut, and more thoroughly weeded. Easy to install and convenient to use.

[Efficient Cutting]
Trimmer head with 2 nylon teeth has high hardness, durable, and has a sharp cutting performance on high speed.
[Easy to Use]The teeth of the trimmer head can be stretched easily when they meet resistance such as stones, and bring more evenly cut.
[Heavy Duty]The main body is made of high-quality plastic, sturdy and heavy-duty body ensuring durability and longevity for lifetime beauty.
[Weed Removal]Weed edging head is specially designed for garden use to efficiently remove all the unwanted and messy weed in your lawn or garden.
[Widely Applicable]The trimmer head cutting tool for trimming large areas, it can help you to meet your mowing needs and save your time during busy seasons.

Diameter: 12.5cm/4.92inch(Small);15cm/5.9inch(Large)(Optional)
Material: Plastic, Nylon
Color: Black
Application: Grass
Shape: Round
Occasion: Backyard, Lawn, Farm, Garden
Thread size: M10 * 1.25mm(for for Small), M12 * 1.5mm(for Large)
Package Size: 12.5*12.5*6.5cm/4.92*4.92*2.55inch(for Small);15*15*7.5cm/5.9*5.9*2.95inch(for Large)
Package Weight: 400g/0.88lb(for Small);700g/1.54lb(for Large)

Package List:
1 * Trimmer Head

Note: Please wear protective equipment, and make sure that you are safe.
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