Muslady USB Guitar Cable USB Interface Male to 6.35mm Mono Male Electric Guitar Converter Cable Guitar Computer Connector Cord Adapter Cables for Studio Stage Instrument Recording Singing 3 Meter Black


包装长*宽*高:20.00 * 14.00 * 2.50(CM) 毛重:0.173(KG)


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Muslady USB to 6.35mm converter cable is designed to transmit the electric guitar signal into the computer, easy to record and edit the music.
Using the cable to connect the electric guitar having 6.35mm interface to ther computer; USB plug and play, fit for almost all kinds of computers having USB port.
Compatible with PS2/ PS3/WII/XBOX these gaming equipments, also compatible with Guitar Combo, Audacity, GuitarRig3, Reavaler MKIII, Amplitude and most other effector or recording softwares on the market.
Built-in high quality 16bit / 44.1KHz digital-to-analog conversion chip, no need to install any other driver software or use extra DI converter box.
No signal loss, full-frequency response and anti-noise clear sound quality,  Perfect for stage and studio use.

Brand: Muslady
Cable Type: USB to 6.35mm Plug
Material: PVC, Aluminum Alloy
Plug Color: Black
Cable Length: 3m / 9.8ft
Package Size: 20 * 14 * 2.5cm / 7.9 * 5.5 * 1in
Package Weight: 163g / 5.7oz

Package List:
1 * 3m Audio Cable
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