Household Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner ES06 Mobile Phone APP Remote Control Automatic Dust Removal And Sterilization SH16

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Product Name: APP control&Intelligent Touch Vacuum Cleaner Sweeper 

Product Material: ABS + Electronic Components

Product Packaging: Color Box

Product Size: 28*28*6.8cm

Packing Size: 38*31*10cm

Product Weight/Package Included: 865G/1325G

Product Function: APP control switch and timing,One-Click Start, Absorb Dust and Hair,Cigarette Butts,Sunflower Seed Shells, Automatically Change Direction, Etc., Built-in 3000 MA Lithium Battery.

Warm Tip: This Is an Intelligent Cleaning Robot with an Integrated Design of Sweeping, Sucking and Dragging. When Encountering Obstacles, You Will Turn and Rely on the Bottom to Absorb Dirty Cigarette Butts.Sunflower Seed Shells, Dust, Dog Hair, Floor Hair.


Product instructions:

① Install brushes on both sides

②Install the Velcro of the mop

③Attach a water-locking mop

④Turn on the power switch ('O' is off & 'I' is on)

⑤Touch the shop opening machine

⑥The machine starts operating


Product connection APP operation instructions:

①Scan the QR code

②Download and install software

③Open the APP, click the upper left corner, search for the Bluetooth of the machine and match

④Turn on the red power switch of the machine to match

⑤Click to select the bluetooth of the searched machine, successfully matched

⑥At this time, the working hours and switches of the machine can be controlled by APP


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