3pcs/set Luminara Ivory LED Candles Flameless Real Wax Moving Wick Battery operated LED Candle Lamp for Wedding Christmas Decor

包装长*宽*高:27.00 * 18.00 * 10.00(CM) 毛重:0.800(KG)


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Battery Operated Real Wax Pillar Candle with Remote In 5/7/9 Inch for Home Decoration,parties


----   Product Application   ----

1. The candle required 2D batteries,pls insert the batteries as illustrated in the battery compartment,replace battery compartment cover;
2. The power switch on the bottom: "ON" position,to turn the candle on; "OFF" position,to turn the candle off;"Timer" position,after 5 hours of run time the candle will auto-matically turn off for nineteen hours,it will repeat the same cycle daily until the user resets the timer.To reset the timer,slide the power switch to the "OFF" position and then to "Timer" at the desired start time.


---- Product Detail ----



Product name LED moving wick candle
material real wax
size     3.5''*5'' 3.5*7 3.5*9
battery 2D
Timer     5 hours on, 19 hours off
battery working time more than 500 hours
packing single colorful packing box
scents     vanilla
warranty     1 year
Battery working time more than 500 hours


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