Flameless Candles recharge Operated Real Wax Flickering Moving Wick Electric LED Multifunction Lamp 2019 refined art light

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8000 mAh mini portable USB with fast charging mobile power cartoon charging hand warmer

8000 mAh mini portable USB with fast charging mobile power cartoon charging hand warmer

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product description:

Unbelievably realistic flame LED candle, flame simulation technology makes the candle swing and flash so convincing. The LEDs are made of light and can be safely used around children and pets. LED candles do not require real fire and no longer have to worry about fire-related accidents.
Each candle USB charging power LED bulb is 50,000 hours.
These decorative mobile wick candles can be used in a wide range of birthdays, Christmas, home decorations, bars, hotels, parties, holidays, weddings or other occasions.
It has the function of magnet, can be adsorbed on any iron plane, positive and negative flame, outdoor use, easy to carry. The 2000mA battery can be charged once for a week.
It automatically turns off 6 hours after turning on.

Product parameters:
Power supply mode: rechargeable lithium battery
Features: Gravity sensing vertical positive and negative flame effects.
Size: 72XH140 mm (without cover H126mm)
Charging time: 5V / 2A charging 1-1.5 hours. Charge 5V / 1A for 2-3 hours.
Material: ABS plastic + PP plastic + high quality iron + LED electronic components
Service life: 20,000 hours
Waterproof rating: IP44
Product net weight: 245G

1 candle light
1xUSB cable

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