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包装长*宽*高:10.00 * 3.00 * 3.00(CM) 毛重:0.063(KG)


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Christmas Embroidered Table Runner for Christmas Party Dining Table Decorations

Christmas Embroidered Table Runner for Christmas Party Dining Table Decorations


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An amazing desk toy that you can take anywhere, at a party, office, class, home, bar ...You can play it just for fun to kill time and remove drowsiness, or for sedation to relieve stress when you are all nerves and keep your float attention focused. Take a novel toy home, and give each day some fun.

A unique and inventive desk toy that's easy to flip, roll and do tricks with, giving you endless possibilities of fun!
An amazing desk toy crafted with quality beech wood. Just feel free to play, and it will accompany you for a long time. 
Simple design with endless possibilities that will test and improve your creativity and dexterity. 
You can play it alone to sharpen your skills, or play it with your friends to do some kind of race.
Suitable for everyone, as long as a few minutes a day can effectively help you improve your focus and hand-eye coordination.

Material: Beech
Color: Blue, black, white, red, yellow (optional)
Item size: 9.5 * 2.5cm / 3.7 * 1.0in
Package size: 10 * 3 * 3cm / 3.94 * 1.18 * 1.18in
Package weight: Approx. 58g / 2.05oz

Package list:
1 * Wooden stick toy
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