DC5-6V 2W 1 Meter 60 LED Strip Light Cabinet Lamp AAA Battery Powered Operated USB Charging Port Design PIR Motion Sensor Human Infrared Induction Technology Sensitive Light Control 3 Different Lighting Modes Effects Adjustable Customed Delay-time IP65 Wa


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Do you want to make your closet more gorgeous? Are you a fan of intelligent life? This kind of PIR motion sensor and light control LED light strip will be your ideal choice! In order to make your home more beautiful and attractive, come and buy at once!
Flexible working modes, you can toggle the position on ’Sun’ position for sensitive PIR motion sensor and ‘Moon’ position for light control and human induction sensor mode when it is under circumstance of induction mode or you can enjoy the always bright light mode when the button with red light.
Timer for customed delay time from 8 seconds to 5 minutes, you can set time for your convenience.
Wide range of induction distance is 3-5 meters and its sensing angle is 120°.
4 * AAA batteries powered or charged by USB charging port design for operation, 2 handy ways to use.
Superb quality S M D2835 LED beads, long lifespan, flicker-free and anti-glare light without strobes and radiation, it can keep your eyes away from exhaustion.
IP65 Water resistance for providing you a better experience.
Equipped with strong adhesive tape both on the back of remote control and LED strip allow you to quickly mount it wherever you need. It can also be cut to the length you needed by cutting on the yellow mark line.
Be widely used at closet, cabinet, wardrobe, and cupboard etc.
Types: Type 1(1 meter)/ Type 2 (2 meters)/ Type 3 (3 meters) (optional)
Working voltage: DC5-6v
Power: 2w(type 1/ type 2)/ 2.3w (type 3)
LED type: S M D 2835
LED quantity: 60pcs (type 1)/ 120pcs (type 2)/ 180pcs (type 3)
Luminous flux: 60lm (type 1/ type 2)/ 65lm (type 3)
Lifespan of LED: 50,000 hours
Delay time: 8 seconds to 5 minutes
Light color: Warm white(3500k) / white(6000k) (optional)
Length of light strip: 1meter/ 2 meters/ 3 meters (optional)
Water resistance of light strip: IP65
Sensing distance: 3-5 meters/ 9.8-16.4ft
Sensing angle: 120°
Battery: 4 * AAA battery (not included)
Material: Plastic
Item color: White
Remote size: 180 * 160 * 14mm/ 7.1 * 6.3 * 0.6 in (Length * Width * Height)
Item weight: 68g (type 1)/ 88g (type 2) / 112g (type 3)
Package size: 180 * 160 * 20mm/ 7.1 * 6.3 * 0.8in (Length * Width * Height)
Package weight: 72g (type 1)/ 92g (type 2)/ 117g (type 3)
1. The batteries are not provided.
2. The remote control is non-waterproof, please use it carefully.

Package list:
1 * Remote
1 * Light strip
1 * Instruction
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