Beard Shaving Apron Gather Cloth Bib Facial Hair Dye Trimmings Catcher Cape with Two Suction Cups


包装长*宽*高:20.00 * 13.00 * 1.00(CM) 毛重:0.051(KG)


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It is so annoying and troublesome to clean the hairs left all over the floor and sink or on the towel and your clothes after shaving. Then you should try this beard catcher which can help to catch almost all the hair clippings, saving much time in cleaning and saving your wife's complaint.

Very helpful and practical item, making you shave freely without the mess.
Capable of catching almost all the hair clippings.
Helping to get rid of the hair clippings scattered all over the bathroom.
So easy to use: Using included suction cups, can be installed on any smooth surface for easy use and removal.
Smooth texture, comfortable to wear, easy to clean. 

Material: Polyester fabrics
Color: Black, white (optional)
Item length: Approx. White: 120cm / 47.2in; Black: 130cm / 51.2in
Upper width: Approx. 50cm / 19.7in
Lower width: Approx. 80cm / 31.5in
Item weight: Approx. White: 39g / 1.38g; Black: 43g / 1.52oz
Package weight: White: 45g / 1.59oz; Black: 50g / 1.76oz
Package size: 20 * 13 * 1cm / 7.87 * 5.12 * 0.39in

Package list:
1 * Beard Catcher
2 * Suction Cups


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