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包装长*宽*高:14.00 * 8.00 * 6.00(CM) 毛重:0.035(KG)


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Different from the previous pore cleansing brushes that hardly dries and breeds bacteria, the silicone brush dries much faster and is easier to keep clean. It makes the cleansing time enjoyable!
For Exfoliating, massage and cleansing.
Made of silicone material, super soft not to hurt the skin.
Easy and convenient to hold, no worry to slip down.
The soft dense end can clean the left makeups and excess dirt mildly and thoroughly, also for exfoliating.
The dots massager can be used on face massage after cleaning to accelerate the absorption of skin care products.
Material: silicone  
Colors: pink, purple, blue, green (optional)
Item size: 11.7 * 6.4 * 4.8cm / 4.61 * 2.52 * 1.89in
Item weight: 28g / 0.99oz
Package size: 14 * 8 * 6cm / 5.51 * 3.15 * 2.36in
Package weight: 30g / 1.06oz
Package list: 
1 * Cleaning Brush
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