1 Pair Arthritis Gloves Unisex Arthritic Joint Pain Relief Hand Compression Gloves for Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis


包装长*宽*高:21.00 * 9.00 * 1.00(CM) 毛重:0.033(KG)


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Form-fitting, cotton-spandex blend embraces the natural shape of your hand with compression support. Relieves your tendons, muscles and joints from arthritis pain by reducing stress on pressure points.
Specially designed for people who have arthritis and other physical limitations. Effectively helps to relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis of the hands.
Open fingertips design make you fell free to touch and grip, perform everyday tasks like using phone, typing, cooking and more without interference.
Lightweight, breathable cotton material ensures comfortable wearing all day long. 
Great for arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, stiff muscles and joints.

Type: Arthritis Gloves
Material: Spandex
Color: Grey
Size: S / M / L (Optional)
S: 7.9cm / 3.125in
M: 8.9cm / 3.5in
L: 10.1cm / 4.0in 
Package Size: Approx. 21 * 9 * 1cm / 8.3 * 3.6 * 0.4in
Package Weight: Approx. 29g / 1.02oz 

Package List:
1 Pair * Arthritis Gloves
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