Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Medical Ear Cleaner Care Amplifier Diagnostic Flashlight for Throat Ear Care


包装长*宽*高:21.00 * 10.00 * 3.00(CM) 毛重:0.159(KG)


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This otoscope set is designed to care your ear, with magnifying lens and light, it can help you inspect ears easily. Perfect for doctors, nurses and home users. 

Pre-focused high-intensity LED bulb is for ear, eye and throat examinations, can be also used for finding missing staff.
In addition to ordinary ears checked functions, there are specially equipped with eyes checked lenses (commonly known as the ophthalmoscope).
Includes 5 tongue depressors, can be used to check oral cavity.
Multi-direction adjustment locking knobs and lighting controls can get a comfortable viewing angle. 
Filters and lighting reflector built-dust-proof, long-term to maintain a clear illumination and observation capability.
Pen shape stainless steel flashlight ensure good using performance.
Press type switch for convenient to use,  just need to press it and start to use.
Perfect for doctors, nurses, students, and home users.

Type: Otoscope Kit
Material: Stainless Steel; ABS
Color: Blue
Filter: 40mm
Battery: 2 * AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Penlight Length: Approx. 14cm / 5.5in
Package Size: Approx. 21 * 10 * 3cm / 8.3 * 4.0 *1.2in (L * W * H)
Package Weight: Approx. 151g / 5.3oz

Package List:
1 * Diagnostic Penlight Set (battery not included)
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