Ultralight Drawstring Mesh Stuff Sack Storage Bag for Tavelling Camping Sports Large/Medium/Small Size


包装长*宽*高:20.00 * 8.00 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:0.018(KG)


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Ultralight mesh stuff sacks are some of the lightest stuff sacks available to organize gear in your pack, suitcase, or bag. It uses an advanced multifilament nylon mesh only recently developed. These stuff sacks are lighter than its ultra silk stuff sacks and have to be seen and be believed how small and light they really are!

Made of multi-filament nylon mesh for strength.
Gray mesh for better visibility and round base design.
Ultra silk nano drawcord throat for smooth operation.
Double stitched and reinforced seams for greater durability.
Many people use this item for survival, hiking, camping, fishing, traveling, and gift idea, or recreation.

Color: Skyblue(small size), Orange(midium size), Yellowgreen(large size) (optional)
Material: Nylon mesh
Item Size
    Small: Approx. 25 * 18cm / 9.9 * 7.1in
    Medium: Approx. 33 * 23cm / 13 * 9.1in
    Large: Approx. 41 * 29cm / 16.2 * 11.4in
Item Weight
    Small: 10g / 0.35oz
    Medium: 14g / 0.49oz
    Large: 17g / 0.6oz

Package List:
1 * Mesh Stuff Sack
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