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This knee pad is comfortable to wear, it is applicable for knee pain and discomfort, mild strain/sprain, knee fatigue, patellar instability, fitness, sports and so on.

Allergen free and anti-slip, it is very comfortable to use.
Adjustable with long-lasting open knee brace protector.
A wonderful partner when you play football, basketball, mountaineering, etc.
Protect knee in many ways, reduce the probability of knee injury.
Suitable for knee pain, fitness, sports and so on.

Item type: Knee Pad
Material: OK cloth
Color: Black
Size: Free size
Package weight: 80g / 2.82ounces
Package size: 200 * 120 * 20mm / 7.87 * 4.72 * 0.78inches 

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1 * Knee pad
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