250W Electronic Load Battery Capacity Tester Testing Module Discharge Board Burn-in Module


包装长*宽*高:14.00 * 13.00 * 12.00(CM) 毛重:0.913(KG)


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This electronic load uses IR power tube and double high-speed ball bearing fan, with big fin heat sink, which is not afraid of dust and can guarantee the stability for a long time use, power redundancy is no less than 50%(25℃).

Uses IR power tube and double high-speed ball bearing fan, with big fin heat sink. 
Digital tube display, intuitive and long lasting, more resistant to high temperature.
During discharging constant current, it can display voltage and current, visually reflecting the discharge conditions.
Voltage and current wiring connectors are separated, with appropriate connection, it can eliminate the influence of wire resistance to voltage. 
Suitable for assembly of power adapter fully-automatic burn-in cabinet.

Item type: Electronic Load
Power Supply Voltage: DC12V(±5%) (equipment supply voltage) 
Maximum Load Voltage: 100V 
Constant Current Discharge Adjusting Range: 0-20A 
Work Mode: Constant current mode (CC) 
Maximum Discharge Current Error: 0.7%-0.01A 
Maximum Discharge Power:250W 
Package weight: 909g / 2pounds
Package size: 140 * 130 * 120mm / 5.51 * 5.11 * 4.72inches

Package list:
1 * Electronic Load
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