12V 100W Electronic Load Discharge Digital Battery Capacity Tester Testing Module DC


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This electronic load can automatically change the speed with the high speed fan. Fine quality heat sink can serve a long time performance. It supports multiple protections of overheat, overpower, over-voltage, reserve polarity and power supply voltage abnormity.

A professional test module for detecting discharge battery capacity.
High speed of the fan can change according to the heat sink temperature. 
Protection of over-heating, overpower, over voltage, reserve polarity, and power supply voltage abnormity.
Equipped with industrial large tooth heat sink, dust-resistant, which can run for a long time.
Long-lasting construction for a long time performance.

Item type: Electronic Load
Power Supply: DC12V±5%
Fan Current: 0.72A
Constant Discharge Current Range: 0-10A(whole machine)
Working Mode: Single Mode Constant Current(CC)
Discharge Current Max Error: 0.7%-0.01A
Max. Capacity Test Error: 0.5A 2.5%, 2A 1.5%, 5A and above 1.2%
Max. Power: 100W
Input Interface: 5.5 * 2.5mm
Package weight: 458g / 1pounds
Package size: 140 * 130 * 120mm / 5.51 * 5.11 * 4.72inches

Operation Instructions:
Connect with DC12V power supply and enter electronic load mode, ensuring in a stopping state, connect the power supply under test to the test input port. Please pay attention to connect the right polarity!
Set constant current through knobs.
Note: Since it works openly, there is no voltage and power limitation, but normal work should be below 100V, 100W.

Package list:
1 * Electronic Load
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