Non-toxic Magic Water Drawing Book Coloring Book Doodle with Magic Pen Dinosaur Series Painting No Ink Educational Toy


包装长*宽*高:26.00 * 17.50 * 2.80(CM) 毛重:0.188(KG)


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This Magic Coloring book is perfect for keeping children occupied! If your kids are fidgeting when you want them to sit quietly, this one is the best choice for you! The Book offers a great way for children to learn to color. The magic pen makes colors appear within the lines. Children will take pride in their coloring. A good education toy! And it is very easy for kids of any age to complete. Unscrew the cap, fill it about 3/4 full, screw back on cap, that is literally all you have to do to enjoy this coloring book.(takes about 10 seconds to get the tip wet).

The Magic Water Drawing Book helps kids to recognize colors and things, kids will learn much knowledge from drawing.
Once you color, the pictures are very vivid and colorful. As soon as they dry the colored areas disappear and the pages can be colored again and again.
There is no chance of getting "marks" on clothing or other surfaces since all that is required is clear water. And, it is non-toxic.
It is appealing to kids of different ages, on some of the pages it has little activities that are hidden until you color it.
The Magic Water Drawing Book will be perfect to take on airplanes, car rides and anywhere.

Material: Paper
Color: As the picture show
Gender: Unisex
Age: Older than 2
Package Size: 26 * 17.5 * 2 cm / 10.2 * 6.9 * 0.8 in
Package Weight: 174 g / 6.1 oz

Package List:
1 * Water Drawing Book
1 * Magic Pen(without cover)

Note: This product must be used under adult supervision.
It is not suitable for children under two.
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