Directional Wired Ceiling-mount PIR Motion Sensor


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Note: Do not mount the unit in direct sunlight or near heat sources.


This product is a ceiling-mount curtain passive infrared detector, exquisite design, easy installation. Fit for the locations of the family balcony/window, office window, entrance door, etc. Imported high-end infrared sensor, SMT chip technology, anti-EMI & anti-RFI design, temperature compensation, pulse count optional, LED switch selectable functions, it could work with wired alarm host.

*Intelligent logic to prevent false alarms. SMT chip technology, anti-EMI & anti-RFI design. Automatic temperature compensation, adjustable pulse count.
*The directional ceiling-mount PIR detector with 2 × 15° curtain detecting angle can automatically identify which direction the person is coming from, more accurate than normal one.
*2 independent dual source infrared sensors, detection range of 2 sensors are 67cm × 4.8m and 60cm × 4.8m. 
*2 relays output, which can distinguish between "enter in" and "go out". Can set the return time.
*Widely used for family balcony, access, personnel statistics and anti-theft for bank ATM machine and 24-hour place of business, etc.

Input Voltage: 12V-16V
Current Consumption: ≤15mA
Curtain Detector angle: 2*15°  
Detecting Range: 67cm × 4.8m and 60cm × 4.8m
RFI/EMI rejection: 10V/m from 10MHz to 1GHz
Alarm Output: 100mA/28Vdc, N.C.
Tampter Output: 150mA/28Vdc, N.C.
Detection Speed: 0.2m/s - 3.5m/s (0.65ft/s - 11.4ft/s)
LED indication: ON/OFF optional 
Installation Way: Ceiling Mounting
Installation Height: 2.1m-3.6m (7ft to 12ft)
Casing Material: ABS 
Item Size: Approx. 10.8 * 10.8 * 3.5cm
Item Weight: Approx. 70g / 2.5oz  

Package Information:
Package Size: Approach. 10.8*10.8*3.8cm/ 4.3*4.3*1.5in 
Package Weight: Approach. 94g / 3.3oz   

Package List:
1 * Wired Curtain PIR Motion Sensor
1 * User Manual (English)
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