2.4G Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard Handheld Remote Control Keyboard with USB Receiver for Android Smart TV Laptop


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This ultra mini 2.4G wireless keyboard comes with a USB receiver, no need of any installation, just plug it and go for as far as 10 meters operating distance, high sensitive and precise positioning. Multi-media effortless remote control of smart TV, PC, searching movies, freely chatting, quick web browsing and so on, convenient and efficient.

2.4G Wireless Transmission
2.4G wireless technology provides you as far as 10 meters of the PC control capabilities, innovative Navigation keys, convenient and practical multimedia control keys, stability and efficiency.

Ergonomic and High Sensitive
Ergonomic keyboard for cozy comfortable typing which can alleviate wrist fatigue. Extra large touchpad features precise cursor controlling with rapid responsiveness.

Touchpad 90-degree Flip Design
One touch 90-degree flip touchpad delivers a more user friendly mode to achieve super fast click, scroll as well as mouse click and dragging operations.

Laser Pointer with Remote Control
Adopt the most pop wireless function keys: laser key and scroll key, which enable 360-degree free controlling without direction limitations.

Ultra Mini and Portable
Meet the golden section of the mini-size, enjoying the full keyboard, the main function, entering the instant messaging message, URL and searching text without leaving your sofa or setting. 

Rapid Charging and Long Time Standby
Extra long inner 1020mAh lithium battery provides up to 500 to 700 hours standby time only need about 3.5 to 4 hours to charge it fully, convenient and time-efficient.

Usage Scenarios 
Strong compatibility for the most pop and latest OS, for Win 2000/ Win XP/ Win Vista/ Win 7, for Linux, for Android OS, for iOS, for Mac OS and more. Fit for HTPC, LCD TV, tablet, notebook, projector, set-top box, TV stick, smart TV player and more various digital devices. Perfect for multi-media training, conference, business presentation and so on controlled by computer.

Model number: KB-168
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Connection: 2.4G Wireless
Interface: Micro USB 2.0 
Operating range: 10 metres / 30 feet
Operating current: < 80mA
Operating voltage: 3.3V
Power supply: 3.8V 1020mAh Lithium Battery
Charging limit: 4.2V
Charging time: 3.5~4 hours
Standby time: 500~700 hours
Features: Mini, Rechargeable, Gaming, Three in One multi-function wireless keyboard(laser pointer, touchpad, keyboard)
Compatibility: for Andriod TV Box, for Google TV Box, for XBOX360 and more
Operating system: for Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows7/ Linux/ Android OS/ Mac OS, etc.
Item size: 16.5 * 6.5 * 1.4cm / 6.5 * 2.6 * 0.6in(L * W * H)
Item weight: Approx. 128g / 4.5oz
Package size: 20.5 * 8.5 * 3.5cm / 8.1 * 3.3 * 1.4in(L * W * H)
Package weight: 169g / 6oz

Package list:
1 * 2.4G Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad
1 * USB Receiver(Stored under the keyboard)
1 * Micro USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual(English)
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